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Welcome to Tribute Hair!!

Do you want to ROCK your Tribute look? Of course you do, that is why you are here. Listen, for over 20 years New Roots Studio has made TV, Theatre and Movie magic with hair.  High Definition cameras compel us to design our wigs and facial hair to appear seamless, the hair will look as if it was yours.

Tribute Hair creates the most natural looking hair products and customized make-up for actors and performers worldwide, and will help you take your tribute performance to the next level! Some of the biggest names in the industry and Hollywood actors, such as Doug Church, Trent Carlini, Bill Cherry, Tim Welch, Clive John, Jay Zanier, Bill Murray and a host of others, use and have used our products to take their performances to new heights.

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Tribute Hair How To Video Series

Endorsed by Doug Church. The “True Voice of Elvis”

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